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We offer 24 hour services on all 7 days of the week to help you with your Fumigation problem in Nairobi. Pro Pest Controller professionals will be at your building within a guaranteed response time when you call. No matter how big or small the problem may be, we can help in all situations. We offer comprehensive fumigation solution to remove the Termite from your property. If you are currently experiencing the problem and require immediate treatment, do not hesitate to call us and get a free no obligation quotation.
Nairobi Fumigation

There are inaccessible spaces between the interior and exterior of your residential, commercial or industrial property. However, they are not inaccessible to beetles, termites or wood destroying insects, and any spot treatment – inside or outside your structure can give you a false sense of security from insects, pests and termites. Only a complete structural treatment using a fumigant gas can eliminate these hidden pests reaching into every corner, voids and gaps in the structure.
Pro Pest Control is a trusted name in providing both spot treatment as well as whole building fumigation to customers in Nairobi area.

Spot Treatment or Fumigation

Depending on the level of infestation in your building, spot treatment targeting the localized areas may often be sufficient and economical. But if the level of infestation is quite wide-spread or there are infested areas that are inaccessible, fumigation is the only alternative. Any termite left untreated in a spot treatment can very quickly start the process all over again leaving your building in virtually the same condition as it was before the treatment. Pro Pest Control offers fumigation services for clients at competitive market price.

Licensed Team of Professionals

Various processes before applying the fumigant gas require the services of experts and Pro Pest Control has a team of licensed professionals competent to do the job perfectly. The structure needs to be completely sealed so that the gas penetrates the wooden elements of the structure thoroughly. The doors and windows may also require sealing with plastic sheeting and tapes. After application of fumigant gas, the building is left sealed for about 24 hours. Appropriate warning signs are posted around the building during this time to alert people to keep out of the building premises and avoid any accident.
Safe and Meticulous Procedure

Our professionals take extra care to make this process safe while ensuring there are no areas left untreated. After fumigation, it will not be left unsecured at any time. Our staff will secure all the entry points to the building. They will come back again after 24 hours to begin the aeration process. On the third day, they will again come back to check the gas level in the building and allow entry only after the gas level is within permissible limits.
With the careful and thorough approach of our professionals at Pro Pest Control, you can be sure of your building being completely free from pests and termites for a long time. Call us to find out more about the fumigation procedure and the quality of our service.

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